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FAQs for Seminary / Graduate Students

We know that you will have many questions as you process through this change.  We are dedicated to meeting with you one-on-one in the coming weeks to discuss with you a “best path to completion.”  Until that meeting happens, here are a number of FAQs to begin informing you of what you can expect.

QUESTION: How similar are LBC and CBS in their approach to delivering biblical higher education?

ANSWER: Very similar.  LBC and CBS share a common context as both institutions are nondenominational schools of biblical higher education with the Bible as the core of the curriculum.  Mission and doctrinal statements are similar.

QUESTION: Is LBC an accredited institution?

ANSWER: Yes.  LBC is regionally accredited through the Middle States Commission for Higher Education as well as nationally accredited through the Association for Biblical Higher Education. Here is a link summarizing LBC’s accreditations, associations, and degrees offered:

QUESTION: The letter I received mentions that the transition to LBC is pending approval. What does that mean?

: As you might imagine, making the transition from CBS to LBC is a major undertaking that involves accrediting agencies, the State of Maryland, and the Department of Education at the Federal level. We are on track to hear back from those various agencies in the next couple of months, however, to date we have not received the final approvals. We will be sure to communicate with you the moment we do receive word from the various agencies.

QUESTION: Will I be considered a Lancaster Bible College student or a Capital Bible Seminary student?

ANSWER: All CBS students will be classified as LBC students starting with the spring 2013 semester. Doing so allows you the opportunity to continue receiving federal financial aid. LBC will continue to offer programming under the Capital Bible Seminary name for at least one year.

QUESTION: Will the degree be conferred by CBS?

ANSWER:  Yes. The degree will be conferred by Lancaster Bible College/Capital Bible Seminary.

QUESTION: Will partnership with the Washington Consortium (WTC) be affected?

ANSWER:  No, LBC is continuing the relationship between CBS and the Washington Theological Consortium.

Will ATS accreditation stay the same?

ANSWER: Lancaster Bible College/Capital Bible Seminary is regionally accredited by MSCHE (Middle States Higher Education Commission) and as a theological institution by ABHE (Associate for Biblical Higher Education). We are reviewing the pros and cons of ATS accreditation.

Does ATS end now?

ANSWER: Washington Bible College/Capital Bible Seminary voluntarily withdrew from ATS. If LBC/CBS decides ATS accreditation is desirable, we will apply for that accreditation at the appropriate time.

Will chaplaincy program accreditation remain?

ANSWER: LBC/CBS will continue to offer programs for chaplaincy that follow the standards of the military. For further questions, contact the Service Branch Chaplaincy you are interested in serving with (Army, Air Force, Navy). Contact information for the chaplain recruiting website of each service is:

Air Force:

QUESTION: What are my options after the spring 2013 semester?

ANSWER: There are several options for you to consider as LBC takes the lead in your academic programming.  In order for you to make the best decision, we will provide one-on-one advising sessions during the month of December to chart a “best path to completion.”

Do I have to apply to LBC now?

ANSWER: No. We are excited to be able to welcome you as an LBC student without the need for this process. This is possible due to the special agreement between LBC and WBC/CBS. 

QUESTION: Will the courses I have already taken transfer into LBC?

 ANSWER: All courses will be transferred to LBC and will be included in your transcript. Specific program requirements differ and you have options available to you that you will want to explore. In order to serve your unique needs, a faculty or staff member of LBC will be in contact with you to communicate your best path to completing your degree.


QUESTION: Will my program requirements change?

ANSWER: You have options that could change your program requirements if you elect those options. Individual situations differ based on the program you are enrolled in and the amount of credits you have completed or other options you select. In order to serve your unique needs, a faculty or staff member of LBC will be in contact with you to communicate your best path to completing your degree.

QUESTION: Does LBC have the same graduate programs as CBS?

ANSWER: LBC’s iLEAD Center offers a wide range of graduate program options. These options include the Master of Arts in Biblical Studies, the Master of Arts in Ministry with several concentrations, the Master of Arts in Professional Counseling and the Master of Education. Additional options are also available to you including a PhD in Leadership. LBC will continue to operate all (degree) programs of CBS for a period of no less than one year during which time LBC will evaluate whether or not to retain those programs and the name “Capital Bible Seminary” as an identifier of those programs. CBS programs include the MABS, MAML, MACCD, MDiv, and the ThM.

In order to fully explore all of your options and opportunities, and to serve your unique needs, a faculty or staff member of LBC will be in contact with you to communicate your best path to completing your program.


QUESTION: Will I have to relocate to continue my studies with LBC?

ANSWER: No. You will be able to continue your studies here in the DC area. As an added benefit, you will have additional options such as on-line courses, blended courses or a combination of both.


QUESTION: Will there be offices/staff & faculty still available to me at the CBS campus?

ANSWER: Yes, staff & faculty will be available at the CBS campus for your support.

QUESTION: Who do I contact if I have questions?

ANSWER: You will be assigned a student services counselor who will be available to walk along side you during this transition process and beyond. Your counselor is committed to helping you in any way they can to make this transition go as smoothly as possible.

QUESTION: What is the iLEAD Center at Lancaster Bible College?

ANSWER: Lancaster Bible College has created its first, full-service adult and graduate studies learning facility called the iLEAD Center. Our mission is to serve “life-engaged” adult learners by offering the programs that enrich, equip, and empower servant ministry leaders for global impact. Through convenient and flexible schedules, traditional and non-traditional programs, on campus, online and with blended learning options, the center offers learning opportunities that fit the complexities of the life of an adult learner.

Can I still purchase my textbooks through MDS Direct?

ANSWER: CBS students should continue to purchase their textbooks through MBS Direct. To obtain a book voucher contact Karen Fox at Undergraduate students should purchase their textbooks through LBC at our Bookends Bookstore (provide link) Students are allowed to charge books to their student account if they will have a credit balance due to financial aid.

How do I transfer my financial aid from CBS to LBC?

ANSWER: Go to and log in to request a correction to your 2012-13 FAFSA.  Once there, go to the school section and add “Lancaster Bible College” – Federal School Code:  003285.  Be sure to electronically sign your correction with your PIN and submit.  You should receive a confirmation that this was successfully received.  LBC should receive your FAFSA within a few business days.

QUESTION: What will happen to my CBS Scholarships that I’ve been awarded for the spring semester?

ANSWER: As long as you maintain eligibility, LBC will match your spring 2013 CBS institutional scholarships with a scholarship from LBC.  After the spring 2013 semester, students would be eligible to apply for our standard LBC Scholarships.

Will I still receive my Maryland State Grant?

ANSWER: No.  Because LBC’s main campus is located in Pennsylvania, Maryland residents attending LBC will not be eligible for their spring disbursement of their Maryland State Grant. However, for the spring 2013 semester only, LBC will match your Spring State Grant with an institutional scholarship in the same amount as long as you maintain the same enrollment status.


QUESTION: I receive assistance from OVR (Office of Vocational Rehabilitation).  What happens with these funds?

ANSWER: You should immediately contact your OVR counselor to inform them that you are transferring to LBC for the spring semester.  Your OVR Counselor will walk you through the next steps that need to be taken to transfer your funding to LBC.

QUESTION: How do I transfer my military education benefits to LBC?

ANSWER: LBC’s VA Certifying Official is Mrs. Karen Fox.  Please contact her at and request our LBC VA Application/Information Form.  All students will need to complete a new VA Form 22-1995 – “Request for Change of Program or Place of Training” form and submit it to Mrs. Fox.  Any student receiving Military OVR Chapter 31 funding should also contact their VA counselor to report that they are attending LBC for spring.  Students receiving Federal Tuition Assistance funds should submit new authorization forms to LBC.

QUESTION: I still have more questions about Financial Aid.  Whom do I contact?

ANSWER: Questions regarding financial aid can be directed to: or by calling 717-560-8254. Please identify yourself as a CBS student.

QUESTION: How much do I owe for Spring 2013?

ANSWER: Tuition and fees will remain at the CBS published rates for the 2012-13 academic year.

QUESTION: When is my bill due?

ANSWER:  The full balance for the semester is due 2 weeks prior to the start of your first class. Or you may enroll in an auto-debit payment plan for 5 equal payments; the final payment will be drawn prior to the start of the spring term.  After the due date for the term, a $40 monthly service fee applies to any unpaid balance over $100.  A one-time $125 Account Service fee applies to any unpaid balance of $500 for each semester.

When will I receive a copy of my bill?

ANSWER:  All records are being transferred from WBC to LBC, registrations are being entered and financial aid is being processed. Because Financial Aid makes a significant impact to your bottom line, we believe this is a critical step. After the completion of these, you will be mailed a copy of your statement.

How can I pay my bill?

ANSWER:  1. Financial Aid

89% of LBC iLEAD students receive scholarships/financial aid assistance.  You may contact the LBC Financial Aid office at or 717.560.8254.  Information on private education loans can be found at

2. Credit Card

You can pay your balance by going to  and logging in to “My Community” using your student log in or call the business office 717-560-8254 during business hours (M-F, 8-4).  Please note:  You will not be able to access the portal until LBC issues you a student log in.

 3. Check

 Make checks payable to Lancaster Bible College

 Mail checks to:

 Student Accounts
Lancaster Bible College
901 Eden Rd
Lancaster PA 17601

 4. Cash

 Make cash payments in person at the Seminary building.


 QUESTION: I have a balance due or a credit from CBS, will this roll/carry over?

 ANSWER:  No.  Your balance due to CBS is still due to CBS.  Any credit due you from CBS is your responsibility to request from CBS.

I have questions about my bill, to whom do I talk?

ANSWER: Send an email to or call 717-560-8254.

If you have questions that you don't see listed here that you think should be included, please email those to




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