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From the desk of Dr. Gary Bredfeldt, Vice-President for Strategic Initiatives
at Lancaster Bible College, CBS Dean (


Many years ago, my wife, Marlene and I longed for a child. We hoped, prayed and planned for children, but that dream seemed improbable. Then we had the wonderful privilege of adopting two Korean-born children. We were thrilled with God’s provision. As we drove home from the airport, with our first little girl strapped into a car seat, I thought to myself, “Our lives are forever changed.” From that moment we entered a transition into parenthood.

By their nature, transitions start with an ending and end with a beginning. We were in a life transition as a young couple. Our world as a “couple” was ending and our experience as a “family” was beginning. That transition brought on many feelings – feelings of uncertainty, fear, and even some loss. Mixed with those feelings were the excitement of something new, anticipation for a promising future and the vision for a different kind of life experience. I was right, our lives were forever changed. Something had ended and something was beginning. Transitions are that way.

We have all experienced a semester of transition here at Capital Bible Seminary. That transition has brought some endings. Those endings bring many emotions-some of pain, some of fear, some of sadness and uncertainty. At the same time, God is granting a new beginning. It is a beginning filled with excitement, promise, potential, and opportunity. As the Dean of Capital Bible Seminary, I understand the pain, the uncertainty, and difficulties the CBS family is facing. I also am able to see the beginning God is granting us. From my seat, I can see the new things God is doing. I would like to reflect on this transition with you.

This Tuesday, April 30 from 2:00pm-3:15pm and again from 7:00pm-8:15pm, I will be on campus holding a “Coffee with the Dean” student meeting. At that time, I will be available to answer questions about our transitional semester. I would like to invite you to join me at one of these coffee times. I want to make you aware of some of the challenges before us well as the many opportunities God is placing before us. I think you will find it helpful in understanding both the endings and the beginnings of this transition.

In the meantime, I would like to share a few bits of information with you so you can be ready to register for classes for the fall term.

  • You will be able to finish your program! You need not fear that your program is going away. Some have raised that concern, but contrary to rumor, you will graduate from your program.
  • Several new opportunities will be available to you this fall. On Tuesday, we will reveal those opportunities.
  • The schedule will be posted on Monday, April 29. Advising meetings will be Wednesday, May 1-Friday, May 3. We have had to postpone the posting of the schedule. We do hope that has not brought too much angst to your life. To sign up for an advising appointment please click here.
  • Registration will open on Wednesday, May 1. Instructions on how to register will be posted along with the fall schedule.

We see a very good future for the Seminary. God willing and with His blessing, it will remain faithful to its mission, “to educate Christian students to think and live a biblical worldview and to proclaim Christ by serving him in the Church and society.” I would invite you to partner with us in prayer to that end. May God continue to bless you, your family, and your service to Christ Jesus.



From the desk of Mr. Josh Beers, Vice President for Enrollment Management
at Lancaster Bible College (


On March 20 LBC received approval from the Department of Veterans Affairs in the state of Maryland to approve veterans educational benefits for students enrolled in approved programs of study!  Student who have already submitted their paperwork to LBC will begin to be certified for the spring semester retroactive to the start of the first day of classes.  Any questions regarding veterans educational benefits should be referred to Karen Fox, VA Certifying Official at 717.560.8200, ext. 5352 or by email to:


Due to the cancellation of 2013 Missions Conference activities on March 6, a revised schedule (PDF) has been prepared for March 7, 2013. 


Financial Aid Update:

Karen Fox will be on campus one day each week to meet with students concerning financial aid and veterans educational benefits questions. Please contact Dottie Sapper ( for an appointment. If you need to make an appointment for help in completing your 2013-14 FAFSA please be sure to bring a copy of your 2012 federal income tax return.

Appointments are available from approximately 10:30 am to 6 pm the following dates:

  • Thursday, March 14
  • Wednesday, March 20
  • Tuesday, March 26
  • Monday, April 1
  • Thursday, April 11
  • Wednesday, April 17
  • Tuesday, April 23
  • Monday, April 29


As we move to the new facility at Walker Drive and start classes there on Monday, March 4, here are directions to the new facility, room assignment for CBS courses, and the 2013 Missions Conference Brochure:

Directions from existing campus to Walker Drive (PDF)

Walker Drive Ground Floor Plan (PDF)

Walker Drive Fourth Floor Plan (PDF)

CBS Course and Room Assignments Listing (PDF)

2013 Missions Conference Brochure (PDF)


Here is the answer to prayer students have been waiting for from Mrs. Karen Fox, director of financial aid:
On February 27, LBC received approval from the US Department of Education to process federal student aid at our Maryland and Virginia Capital Region locations. Upon official receipt of the signed approval notices we will be able to disburse federal aid to students.

What does this mean to you?
If we have received your 2012-13 FAFSA report and your Voluntary Consent Form to communicate with you electronically, our Financial Aid Office will email you a copy of your financial aid awards along with other important information concerning financial aid. Please do not contact our office until you have received your award letter. We hope to have all students awarded within 2 weeks.

Disbursement of federal aid funds will begin after all students have been awarded. If additional forms or documentation is needed our office will be in contact with you. Please reply promptly! Again we thank you for your patience at this time. There certainly has been a lot of work that needed to be accomplished with federal and state approvals during this transition in the middle of a school year but we are getting there.

Update on Veterans Education Approval: On February 20, we had an inspection of the Maryland facilities by the Maryland Office of Veterans Affairs. We are anticipating a favorable response from their office so we can start processing VA benefits shortly. Again, we will provide updates when approval is granted.


This week, it was officially announced that the campus of Capital Bible Seminary and iLEAD Center Capital Region would be relocating to 7852 Walker Drive the first weekend in March. This is a truly miraculous event, and I hope to communicate to you in the near future just how prevalent God's blessing and leading has been in our securing of this grade-A, high-tech space. It is a facility that will serve us well in the coming years as we seek to follow all that the Lord has for us. The following is just a small glimpse of what we have to look forward to in the weeks and years to come: 

  • Located and visible directly off 495 Capital Beltway
  • Located within 1 mile of Metro stop with existing shuttle bus to the front door
  • Very accessible from both BWI and Reagan Airports
  • Highly accessible by area roads. Easy on and off access to I-95/ I-495 and Baltimore-Washington Parkway 
    2.8 miles from WBC/CBS Campus
  • Plug and play facility fully outfitted with data projectors, screens, dry erase boards, all furniture
  • 11 fully equipped classrooms with up to date technology and furniture
  • Classrooms and common space well designed for the adult learner with student study areas, offices, lounge area, library area, etc.
  • Faculty Workroom
  • Computer Center
  • Entrance Area and Welcome Desk
  • Testing Area behind front desk for students to take missed tests
  • Student vending areas
  • Faculty office space or collaborative study rooms
  • Plenty of outlets all around the classrooms for laptops
  • Coatracks in each classroom. 
  • Kitchen with multiple break rooms for student convenience




We are energized with you as we now have full approval to continue offering classes and expanding the opportunities for your education as we move forward together. The most pressing issue to address is financial aid. Please read carefully the following update from Mrs. Karen Fox, Director of Financial Aid:

We know many of you are anxious about your financial aid awards for the spring. As we have mentioned earlier, we continue to ask for your patience as we are transferring students from Washington Bible College and Capital Bible Seminary to Lancaster Bible College. It was just one week ago that we received approval from Maryland State Higher Education to acquire the programs of WBC/CBS and to have a location in Maryland. Now, we are at step two of the process. In addition to receiving approval from the State of Maryland, we also have to receive approval from the U.S. Department of Education in order to process and disburse financial aid. We have submitted this paperwork and are awaiting official approval.

In the meantime we are currently reviewing the FAFSAs that you have submitted to LBC. If your record was selected for verification we will be required to re-verify your FAFSA. Afterwards, we will review your academic information (number of credits transferred in from WBC and/or other colleges) and your current schedule for the spring semester. We also need to review the financial aid you received this past fall at WBC/CBS. Because you are transferring in the middle of the school year it is very important that we have this information so we can correctly process your awards and ensure that you stay within your annual loan and Pell Grant limits for the year.

At that time we will be able to process your financial aid awards. Please be sure to complete the Voluntary Consent Form so we can electronically communicate your financial aid awards with you. This information should have been emailed to you recently. The form is also under "Documents" on our FAQ site.

Note: If you have not yet made a correction to your 2012-13 FAFSA please do so today and add Lancaster Bible College (Federal School Code is 003285).

Many of you are concerned that you do not have your financial aid award information prior to you starting classes. Again, if you received financial aid last fall at WBC, your financial aid should be comparable to what you received in the fall providing you are taking the same number of classes. The administration is aware of this and you are encouraged to go to class at this time. If, however, you did not receive financial aid in the fall and need an estimate please contact our office and we will do our best to provide you with that information.

With the transition from WBC/CBS to LBC in the middle of a school year this is not the normal start to the semester. Please be assured that we are all working as quickly as possible to process the financial aid awards. We have even hired an additional staff person to help!

Update Concerning Certification of Veterans Educational Benefits:

It was just one week ago that Lancaster Bible College received approval from Maryland State Higher Education to acquire the programs at Washington Bible College/Capital Bible Seminary. We were required to wait until we have received State Approval before we could submit our application to process military educational benefits in the state of Maryland. This application has been submitted and we are waiting on approval. VA Benefits for the spring semester cannot be certified until we have received official approval from the Veterans Educational Office and receive a new facility code. The Veterans Office in Maryland is aware of the number of veterans and has assured us that they will work quickly to process our application. In the meantime, all the Certificates of Eligibility and other paperwork from WBC/CBS have been forwarded to LBC so we will not need to ask that of you. For Post 9/11 Chapter 33 students, our Business Office will defer payment of your tuition for the percentage of tuition that will be paid. Students receiving Vocational Rehabilitation funds will need to contact their counselor to receive approval to receive funds at LBC. We will notify you when we have received official approval to process veterans benefits. If you continue to have questions please contact Mrs. Karen Fox, VA Certifying Official at


We realize that it is “crunch” time and everyone wants an answer to their questions. We understand your concerns in wanting to receive a response in a timely manner. Each and every question is important and we want you to know that we are here to help! Please be assured we are all working as quickly as possible to respond to each and every inquiry as quickly as we can. We appreciate your patience during this transition period. There is a lot of work that must be done in every area (academic, financial aid, business office) to get students transferred over from WBC/CBS to LBC/CBS. Some may even term this time “the very messy phase” of this transition. You as students are picking up on the realities of what this change means for you and possibly some new challenges that it brings you.

We as a transition team are feeling the challenges as well, and we are fully aware that there are many bumps in the road right now. There are a number of challenging situations that we want to assure you are being worked through, and we are doing our absolute very best to help you. This is a time where we are not dealing with standard customer service issues, and as such our normal levels of customer service excellence are not up to par as a result. We are working through this and will respond to those of you who need it as quickly as is possible.

Again, we are here to serve YOU. We embrace these challenges and hope that in the end, they will leave a legacy of support and encouragement for you as you enter our LBC family. I ask for your continued patience as we are being flooded with calls and emails requesting more information even while we still wait for official approval from the state of Maryland. We appreciate both your prayers and your understanding as we navigate this together. 


We are quickly approaching the start of a new semester, which will be a unique transition for many of you. I want to take a moment again and express my thanks for your patience in this process and for your ongoing flexibility as we work through the inevitable challenges that arise with an undertaking like this. I assure you we are committed to each one of you personally and eager to strengthen your journey both academically and spiritually.

As we begin together, I would like to share this update with you from Dr. Gary Bredfeldt, Dean of Capital Bible seminary and Vice President at Lancaster Bible College:

“It’s Time to Consolidate”
I grew up in a home with three very competitive boys. Often we would play board games that required strategic thinking. One of the games we played was a game called “Risk.” The goal of the game was simple – world conquest! In order to win that game, sometimes it took “consolidating your position” so that you could be stronger and better positioned to move forward on your next turn. When you told the other players you were going to “consolidate”, your play involved moving players around the board to better utilize your resources and to strengthen your next move. Well, in the words I used to pronounce to my brothers, “It’s time to consolidate.”

In order to maximize resources and reduce the cost of your education, a decision has been made to consolidate all classes to the Seminary Building for the coming Spring term. We believe this is the first step to a stronger and more vibrant school. Beginning on January 22, all classes, faculty offices, and student services will be located in the Seminary Building. The library will remain open, but when you are looking for a class, a staff member, or a professor, you will find them in the Seminary Building.

This is an interim move, not a backwards step. In planning terminology, it is “tactical” in nature. It will not be permanent, but it will better enable growth. We will then be in a position to move toward a premier learning environment for you as a student. To be wise stewards of God’s resources, the leadership believe this is an important action leading to preferred future.

Let me share one more thing with you. The Mission Conference is coming Tuesday-Thursday, March 5-9. Add those dates on your calendar. You will not want to miss the conference this year! At that conference, you will learn of a new and exciting initiative for our school and for biblical higher education in the Capital Region!

01.07.13 We are excited to announce that we are now offering an orientation for all students at the Forbes site in Virginia. This orientation will be held on Tuesday, January 15, 2013 from 7-8:30 pm. The session will cover LBC processes and procedures with reference to enrollment, registration, billing processes, etc. Please register for this event here.


The New Year always brings a time for reflection as we look back and anticipation as we look forward to what God has ahead for the coming year. Certainly, this year brings additional changes as it relates to your education. One consistent message continues to resonate with our staff as we engage with you on this journey. The message has been, "we are so impressed and encouraged by the caliber and commitment of the students we have been engaging with in this process." It has been a joy for us to meet with you individually to explore what God is doing in your journey and support your best path to completion. My greatest encouragement has been to listen to you process what God is doing and the maturity you have shown in seeing how God is using this transition to strengthen you. As our staff and I have listened to you, we have been inspired by the vision many of you have to expand the gospel message and reach your world for Christ. You value the deepening education you are receiving, and we are eager to see this continue in 2013. Thank you for allowing us to join with you as we seek to proclaim Christ and equip servants in 2013!

Happy New Year!


Thank you so much to everyone who has taken the time to have an advising appointment with the LBC team. We are really looking forward to helping each of you determine your best path to completion with Lancaster Bible College.

If you have not yet had the chance to have an appointment with us, we encourage you to request one today! We are currently scheduling phone appointments beginning on January 2 (Please have at least 30 minutes of time carved out for the advising phone call) and in-person appointments at the Lanham Campus on January 9, 10, and 12.

Please fill out an advising appointment form here and someone will get back to you with your scheduled appointment information. We look forward to meeting with you.

Also, don’t forget that we are offering orientation sessions the same week for all students. Even if you have not had an advising session, we would love for you to come to an orientation session to find out more about LBC and our processes. Orientation sessions are being offered January 9 and 10 from 7-8:30 pm and Saturday, January 12 from 10-11:30 am.



Lancaster Bible College's iLEAD Center will be offering orientation sessions to help WBC ADCP and CBS students make the transition to LBC. The sessions will cover LBC processes and procedures with reference to enrollment, registration, billing processes, etc. We will also show students how to use Moodle, the platform used by LBC to deliver online courses. We highly recommend attending one of the three sessions. Please sign up by filling out the form and choose the time that works best for you. We look forward to seeing you there! On behalf of all of the LBC family, we wish you and your family a very merry Christmas


A week from today we will celebrate the birth of our Savior! I trust that the days leading up to Christmas will be filled with joy and purpose as we proclaim with our words and actions the hope of the season. In the midst of this transition, many of you have asked about the library and its usage. While we continue to seek to provide the best service we can with the library resources, we want to make you aware of things that will and won't be changing in the coming weeks. Please see the attached document that attempts to answer some of the more common questions being asked. If you have further questions, please do not hesitate to ask. I trust you will have a wonderful Christmas!


Dr. Gary Bredfeldt, Dean of our iLEAD Center and VP for Strategic Initiatives recently responded to some questions regarding Capitol Bible Seminary. I expect many of you have similar questions, so he has composed a quick fact sheet that I trust will both encourage you as well as clarify you questions regarding this continued transition.

Read the Checking the Facts document


I have been contacted by a number of you requesting information about financial aid. We are currently working through a number of details so that we can present more clear direction to you next week as we process your financial aid. I want to take this moment to assure you that your financial aid package will be similar or better than your current financial arrangement with Capital Bible Seminary. We understand many of you are making significant sacrifices to continue your education, and we desire to do all that we can to provide quality education in the most affordable way possible. Thank you for your patience as we seek to answer your questions in this important area.


We have been so encouraged by the fantastic response from you, as your appointment requests to meet with Lancaster Bible College graduate education advisors have been steadily rolling in. Thank you for your willingness to partner with us in this transition!

In order to serve you in the best way possible and provide specific answers to your questions during these appointments, we will be available to meet with you on campus from 8 am to 8 pm on the following dates:
  • Monday, December 3 - Lanham Campus
  • Tuesday, December 4 - Lanham Campus
  • Wednesday, December 5 - Lanham Campus
  • Monday, December 10 - Forbes or Lanham Campus
  • Tuesday, December 11 - Forbes or Lanham Campus
  • Wednesday, December 12 - Lanham Campus
  • Thursday, December 13 - Lanham Campus

If you have already submitted an appointment request, thank you for doing so. An LBC rep will be in contact with you before Friday, November 30 to confirm your appointment time.

If you have not submitted your appointment request, I encourage you to do so by clicking here to schedule a time.

Additionally, the option to have your advisor appointment via phone is always available.

We look forward to meeting you face-to-face and working together as your continue on your education journey with Lancaster Bible College.


It is my privilege to introduce Dr. Gary Bredfeldt, Vice President for Strategic Initiatives and Dean of the iLEAD Center. Here are a few encouraging words from him:

“In Isaiah 43:19 God says, ‘I am about to do something new. See, I have already begun! Do you not see it?’

God is doing a new thing at Capital Bible Seminary. He is at work in a new way. By now you know that fact. There are some exciting days ahead, and I look forward to joining you in seeing the new things God is about to do at CBS.

At LBC my role is to give transitional leadership to new initiatives. I also lead the LBC graduate programs though the iLEAD Center, which offers programs of study at all post-secondary educational levels, appropriately designed for adult learners, for the purpose of enriching, equipping, and empowering servant ministry leaders for global impact.

I have served at five institutions of biblical higher education over the last 30 years including department chair at Tyndale College and Seminary in Toronto and Moody Bible Institute in Chicago. I have also served as the Associate Dean for Doctoral Studies at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville and at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary in Wake Forest, North Carolina.

It is a great privilege to work alongside faculty and leaders like Dr. Harton and Dr. Holliker as CBS joins LBC in moving the ministry of CBS forward. My role will be Transitional Dean of CBS. In the days ahead I will be introducing you to other LBC leaders who will also be serving you.

God is doing a new thing at Capital Bible Seminary, and it is a joy to experience that new work with you.”


This week is an important week as you continue in the next steps toward your Best Path to Completion. We certainly desire to minimize the distraction and interruptions to your life as you continue with your current semester. With this in mind, we are asking you to schedule an appointment to advise you on your best options to pursue for your future. You can schedule an appointment anytime from December 3-7 and 10-14 from 8:00 am - 8:00 pm. We will meet with you to answer any questions you have as well as to assist you in setting your schedule for the spring. Since many of our programs are very similar, many of these meetings will take only a few minutes. However, we want to make sure your questions and concerns are being answered in a timely fashion. Please click here and take a couple minutes to set your appointment now. I look forward to meeting you in the coming weeks.


Happy Thanksgiving! I trust the next few days will be very special ones for many of you with family and friends. I am fully aware that for some this time of year is difficult as you grieve missing loved ones or navigate difficult family situations. In all of this, we give thanks for both the trials and the joys knowing that we can trust in God for strength and provision. Regardless of your circumstance, I pray that this time of year will bring joy in reflection on God’s good hand of blessing in our lives particularly as we continue to reflect on the gift of salvation in our lives.

I will look forward to connecting further with you this Monday, and it is that time we will launch the opportunity for you to schedule an advising appointment beginning December 3 as we walk together to your Best Path to Completion and set your schedule for the spring semester. I am praying for you on a daily basis as we continue to walk this journey together.


Josh Beers
My name is Josh Beers, and I serve as the Vice President for Enrollment Management here at Lancaster Bible College. I look forward to the privilege of investing in your life and connecting with you in the coming weeks and months as you continue your journey of biblical higher education. As way of introduction, I am in my seventh year at LBC serving in the leadership of both student services and enrollment services. I am passionate about investing in students at all stages of life to love God and impact their worlds for Christ. This drive has me eager to connect and partner with you during this time of transition. My staff and I are here to serve you in any way we can, and this site will be one of the primary ways through which we will keep you updated and strengthen your seminary experience. We value your desire to study the Word of God and to better prepare you for God’s calling on your life.

During the transition from CBS to Lancaster Bible College (LBC), we expect that you’ll have a lot of questions. Please check back to this page frequently as we will communicate updates on this new venture as they are made available. To answer some of the immediate questions you may have about this transition, please visit the FAQ section.

LBC and CBS staff will be available during the week of December 3 to meet with you individually to discuss your “best path to completion.” This will be a critical time for determining how you start on this path.

Again, please check back frequently as we hope to make this transition as smooth as possible. If you have specific questions, you can email me at Either I or one of my staff will respond to you as soon as possible.

I am looking forward to helping you on your journey.




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VIRGINIA EXTENSION - 8001 Forbes Place, Suite111 | Springfield VA 22151 | P: 703-752-1624

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